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What happens when Yelp and Pandora have a baby? 


Hoppit, your personal dining concierge, has just launched the world’s first ambience search engine for restaurants, bars, and lounges. Simply select a Hoppit “Vibe” (akin to a Pandora “channel”), like Hipster, Cozy & Quaint, or Romantic, and Hoppit displays all the restaurants and bars that fit that Vibe in your location. 

You can now curate the world of dining with one click.

Check out www.hoppit.com

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First things first. What an amazing launch day! It had everything that a launch day should have: tons of smiling, a little bit of crying, intense anger, fist fights, ghastly surprises, intellectual discourse, and of course, lots of excitement. A literal roller coaster of emotion. 

Emad, our incredible CTO, and I didn’t sleep the night before (of course). Coffee and high hopes kept us going strong. And then, it started…

9:13 A.M. “The Initial Freak Out.” In my sleep-deprived state, I caught what I thought was a bug. That catalyzed Emad and I back into testing mode, examining the code furiously. We pushed our press release back a few hours. In the end, it turns out that it was a complete non-issue, and Emad later yelled at me for freaking out - and for freaking him out! Haha. 

12:11 P.M. “The Launch.” We were finally ready to deploy. Our PR firm, the amazing folks at Gutenberg PR in New York, sent our press release through Businesswire, while I emailed all the Hoppit members who signed up during our pilot. Completely nerve-wracked and insanely excited, Emad and I waited. 

12:11 P.M. - 3:37 P.M. “The Incessant Googling.” With our press release flowing the the newswires, the whole team just kept googling and googling to see who picked it up! 

3:03 P.M. “The TechCrunch Post - The Holy Grail of Startup Coverage.” It happened. TechCrunch had just reviewed us. We royally freaked out again (but it was a GOOD thing, this time). Hands were thrown into the air, and grown men screamed like little girls. Holy cow, let me repeat it: TechCrunch had reviewed us :-) And said great things! What an amazing way to start! We felt so blessed, and so fortunate. 

7:07 P.M. “The Crash. An Utter Disaster.” This is where the crying, followed by fist fights, followed by intellectual discussion and troubleshooting, followed by immense relief - all happened. The TechCrunch traffic had gotten so big that we encountered some technical issues we hadn’t accounted for! In total, Hoppit was down for 27 minutes, and Emad and I will tell you that it was the most agonizing 27 minutes of our lives

7:34 P.M. “Are We Sure We Want This Life?” After getting Hoppit up and going again, Emad and I realized that we would always have moments like this. Always intense high’s and low’s. It’s just the way of a start-up. So, after some philosophical talk and soul-searching, we smiled and pressed forward. This is the only life we want

All in all, what an incredible day. Looking forward to many more exciting Hoppit days. 

-Steven Dziedzic, Founder

Hoppit is on TV! 

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