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After I filled out my taste profile, I searched for clothing recommendations in Soho, NYC. You can see that Hoppit knew my Hipster + Prepster tendencies, and therefore recommended Ben Sherman as a great option. I love this thing.

Here’s a close-up of our map. Look how cool this is. In Soho, around Broadway and Lafayette, the user can see all the high-matches and low matches. The user knows exactly where to go, if they want a place that matches them! Simply awesome. 

Hey y’all. Our engineers have been working round the clock, and we are officially live for NYC and Chicago. Please let us know at info@hoppit.com if you’d like an invitation-only membership.

Happy discovery!

With the win, Hoppit is given a grant to further explore the art of the taste-based algorithmic approach to recommendations. Go Hoppti!

Hoppit filming a promo commercial, on location at the Brooklyneer in the Village. 

Hoppit’s restaurant of the week: Vareli’s in NYC. A gem for all of those who like vintage/antique feels at restaurants. Check out its profile on Hoppit.

For everyone in NYC and Chicago, Hoppit has rolled out new Atmosphere filter functionality. You can now find and select restaurants by filters such as Cozy, or Vintage, or Modern, or Classy, or Romantic, or Dimly-Lit, or Good for Studying - or 50+ more filters! Check it out at www.hoppit.com!

Hoppit kicks off a partnership with The King’s College in NYC! Students at King’s College with use Hoppit for place recommendations!

The winner of the “Best of Hoppit” award for The Hipster category is The Meatball Shop!
See your match on Hoppit.

The winner of the “Best of Hoppit” award for The Hipster category is The Meatball Shop!

See your match on Hoppit.

Calling all New Yorkers! Introducing Hoppit’s first set of NYC mood-based deals!

1. For the Swanky & Posh styles: 41% off New Year’s Eve dinner + drinks at Hotel Chantelle!

2. For the Vintage & Old World styles: 40% Off Singaporean Dinner at Masak!

3. For the Chic & Trendy styles: $10 for $25 (60% off) at Gusto Ristorante!